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to distance themselves from the science of killing each other. as ohio seeks alternatives they could set up for legal and moral roadblocks. joining me, co-host of the cycle. states like ohio turn to other types of drugs called compounding pharmacies not regulated by fda. we have missouri one of the latest to cancel execution planned on using propofol but found there would be legal problems. explain questions around the country. >> one of the big problems is there are rules against using humans as test subjects. even though they have been set up for capital punishment in the legal process doesn't mean we can treat them for guinea pigs for punishment, execution that's never been tried before with drugs. you can sue for cruel and unusual punishment. have you a claim if this is a drug cocktail that's never been used to execute anyone. >> we have 32 states that use lethal injection as primary form of capital punishment. so are there any states ruling out using the drugs now and going back to older forms and other options for going through with the death penalty. >> basically several states like
our conversation and dr. cory herbert from the lsu health sciences center. lisa, let me start with you because you had your exclusive report out explaining why so many millions of americans were getting cancellation notices. explain what your reporting has learned. >> basically we were trying to get our hands around what was going on out there and we looked strictly at the 14 million people getting their insurance from the individual market. they are getting cancellations or being told their policy doesn't meet aca standards and, therefore, has to be changed, which is a violation of the president's promise that anyone who likes their insurance could keep it. so we went back to the 2010 obama care regulations and found that the administration actually had estimated that 40% to 67% of those in the individual market would not be able to meet the test to be grandfathered, which is what it takes to keep your own policy, just because of the normal churn in the markets. so they knew a lot of the people in the individual market would not be able to keep their policies but went out there and le
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)